In the last few years, private schools have seen a dramatic increase in enrollment. While the recent pandemic has certainly played a role in this increase, there are a number of reasons for this sudden shift.

Whether it’s academics, learning environment, community, etc., it’s become evident that more families than ever are turning to private school. We’ll list some of the main reasons why private schools are on the rise, and if this will be a continuing trend going forward.

Smaller Class Sizes

For most private schools, class sizes are typically on the smaller side. This is advantageous for students to receive more one-on-one instruction time from the teacher. In a class size of 40 or more, it can be easier for students to get lost in the shuffle. This is especially true for those students who are quiet and reserved.

With an average class size of 25 or fewer, teachers can dedicate the ample amount of time needed to help ensure students are receiving the necessary attention. Parents can also feel content in knowing their students are receiving the guidance and support they need in a productive learning environment. Their students are not just another number, but rather, an integral part of the classroom.

Parent Involvement

At the private school level, parent involvement is a huge component. Whether it’s frequent meetings or fun social events, strengthening the communication between the school and parents is vital to students’ academic success. With private schools making a diligent effort, and oftentimes requirement, for parent participation in certain events or activities, this gives parents the opportunity to engage in the full educational experience. In doing so, this creates a bond between the parents, students and school throughout the entirety of the academic year.

Community and Culture

Another advantage to private schools is they are mission-driven. There are typically a set of values private schools prioritize that help produce academic excellence and growth. In doing so, it helps create a community feel where all students are on the same page and know what they need to accomplish to succeed. When school has a sense of community, students are far more encouraged to be passionate about learning and enjoy coming to school each day.

Private schools also tend to have a tight-knit community. With generally smaller class sizes, this gives students the opportunity to know their peers a little better. Not to mention, help create meaningful bonds in non-academic settings like sports, theater, art, music, etc. A comfortable and healthy community and culture allows school to become students’ home away from home. 

Taking Control of Education

These are a few of the many reasons why the rise in private school enrollment is increasing. With private schools having such an essential focus on students both inside and outside of the classroom, parents are able to take education back into their own hands. Parents placing their students in an environment where they can develop intellectually, emotionally and socially is more than enough reason to believe the rise in private schools will continue to increase. By enrolling students in private schools, parents are putting their students in an opportune situation to receive a high-quality education, be well-rounded and set up for success later in life.

At Sycamore Education, we want to personally thank all of our schools for offering this educational experience for parents and their students. If there’s a private school in your area that you’re looking to learn more about, please be sure to visit Private School Review to find out more.

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