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School Help

(For designated Super Users, System User Support Users and Teachers)

Technical Assistance

Unlimited technical assistance for designated school administrators (called Super Users or System Support Users) is included in your subscription. To take advantage of this provision, log into your school or program's Sycamore site and go to our ticket system. Or call 1-866-757-4968 for support.

Billing Assistance

Please call 1-866-757-5401 and select option 2 for billing questions. We are ready to help.

Teacher Assistance

For classroom assistance, teachers can access Teacher Chat within their Sycamore School classroom to get in contact with our Teacher Chat support team. This service is not available at this time in Sycamore Campus. For site or account help, please reach out to your school or program's designated Super User or Sycamore Administrator.

Students and Parents

(For Student and Parent users of any Sycamore School or Campus)

Valued Parent and Students:
To ensure the privacy and security of our valued students and parents, we kindly request that you contact your respective school or program for any technical or account support required within Sycamore. Our esteemed team of experts have been entrusted to provide your school or program with the best solutions and training to help all of their staff, students and parent users. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring the safety and confidentiality of our educational community.