Sycamore Education is a different kind of company.
A company that truly has a heart for education.
A company with a mission.

From Sycamore’s inception in 1999, one of the core goals of the company has been to create an exceptional online school management and student information system, with excellent support, at a price tag that was widely affordable. We’ve been doing just that for nearly two decades now, and it has been a huge success. We now have clients all across the United States and around the world.


• Great Product • At Sycamore, we maintain deep, long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we truly listen to what they have to say. We have added literally hundreds of improvements, enhancements, and new features to our online school management system over the past decade in response to feedback received from clients, and in response to the ever-changing educational environment.


• Great Support • This is where Sycamore stands apart from the competition. Our dedicated support staff is one of our most important assets, and Sycamore Education consistently delivers the superior support our schools deserve.


• Great Price • Our entire business model centers upon being able to offer an advanced online school administration system and student information system that’s widely affordable. Much of our success is due to the fact that nearly any school – large or small – can actually afford our leading-edge system.



Why Choose Sycamore Education?

  • One complete system.  We don’t break-up our system into modules, and there is absolutely no software to install. Every function is fully integrated using a single, powerful and completely secure database. Sycamore Education does it all: one system for all of your school’s needs.
  • A system that’s been tested and proven. Sycamore Education has been improving education, one school at a time, since 1999.
  • Everyone benefits. Everyone within a school’s community enjoys significant benefits from Sycamore Education: administrators, teachers, staff, parents and students.
  • Affordability. Sycamore Education is the most affordable system on the market. We offer all the functionality and superior support for a lot less money. Click here to discover how affordable Sycamore Education really is.
  • Leading-Edge Technology. Since 1999, Sycamore Education has added literally hundreds of new features and enhancements to the system due to feedback from clients, and in response to new technology. These additions are incorporated into the system automatically and at no additional cost to our clients.
  • Security. Sycamore Education has partnered with Flexential to offer the safety, reliability, and, most importantly, the security that only a Class A data center can provide. Sycamore removes the burden of securing, storing and backing up your data.
  • Support. The excellent customer support we provide to each and every client has been a key factor to Sycamore’s success over the past decade. Unlimited customer support is included, and we provide multiple means of support.


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