It’s that time of the year again! Just when it seemed like the school year had gotten underway, it’s already time to start looking at 2024. With the new year looming, many schools have begun the process of getting their admissions up and running for the 2024-2025 school year.

When it comes to setting up applications, emailing families, processing payments, etc., it can be a daunting and overwhelming feeling. Are you confident your school has the features, tools, and process your school needs to get ready for a successful admissions season? Let’s see how some of these resources can help!

The power of digitized documents

Long before the invention of computers and school management systems, one can imagine how cumbersome it’d be to sort through an endless list of documents through the application process. With everything being digitized now, thankfully, those days are over. And in Sycamore School, it’s never been easier for families to upload documents through the admissions process.

Whether it’s immunization records, birth certificates, proof of residencies, and more, schools can create these document requests in Admissions 3.0. From there, families will be able to go through the application process and upload these documents to complete enrollment. Schools can also make document requests mandatory, if necessary, which would prohibit families from completing the admissions process until they uploaded a required document. 

Managing families through tags

One of the many reasons why admissions can be such a convoluted process is because of how many families are enrolling their students. In addition, some families enroll their students right away, while others wait until the last minute. There can be data for hundreds upon hundreds of families that span across multiple months. To put it mildly, that data can be excruciatingly difficult for schools to keep track of.

For this reason, we’ve created tags to make it easier for schools to organize families in the enrollment process. While schools have the freedom to create any tag names they wish, some popular tag names may include, “Missing Registration Payment,” “Visit Needed,” “New Student,” “Enrollment Fee Paid,” etc. With an organized structure, schools can sort families based on the tags they assign them to improve the enrollment workflow. Because there are so many variables when it comes to admissions, tags are an effective way to better manage enrolling families.

Convenient admissions payments

One of the most integral components to any admissions process is admissions payments. Not only does Admissions 3.0 allow schools to track fees and payments on a per-family basis, families can also conveniently pay online. By utilizing our partnering payment processors in PayJunction and Paya, schools have the option to pay online via credit card or bank account at the time they complete the application. Giving families an efficient way to make their admissions payments is one of the many benefits for your school to partner with PayJunction or Paya and set your admissions process up in Sycamore School.

To learn more about how Sycamore School’s Admissions 3.0 can get you ready for admissions season and the 2024-2025 school year, please schedule a demo to start your free trial. 

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