It’s an exciting time at Sycamore Education! In our K-12 school management system, Sycamore School, we continue to innovate the incredible tools we offer! We are proud to offer an updated tool for managing service hours for students and parents called Service!

Whether it’s creating daily logs, setting up opportunities, and generating various reports, there are a variety of ways schools can help manage and track service hours in Service.

Here is a brief overview of Service and how it can be beneficial to your school.

What is Service?

Many schools offer – and sometimes require – families and students to complete a set number of service hours in a given school year. As part of the educational experience, it’s important for schools to show students the value of caring for others and giving back to their community. It’s also essential to record and track these opportunities and hours during the year. Sycamore School provides schools with the resources they need to accomplish this task via Service.

Customize Service For Your School

We understand that no two schools are identically the same in how their school operates. That being said, we give schools the option to customize their settings when it comes to hours and requirements. For example, schools have the option to track family hours, students hours, or both.

Similarly, hour requirements differ from school to school. We give schools the ability to set specific hour requirements for the duration of the school year. This includes setting separate hours for family and students hours, if applicable. Since each school tracks and manages opportunities and hours in their own way, our goal is to make the module as customizable as possible to set your school up for success.

Adding Logs and Tracking Hours

School administrators aren’t the only ones who can create logs. In an effort for families and students to be hands-on in their opportunities, they also can add service logs on their own via the family and student portals. While school administrators are the only ones who can approve logs, giving families and students access to create their own logs empowers them to take charge of this responsibility and better manage their opportunities and hours.

Once the logs are approved, schools can track the hours of families and students throughout the course of the school year to monitor their progression and hour requirements.

To learn more about the exciting changes happening in Version 3.0 and how Service can help track service opportunities and hours at your school, please schedule a demo to start your free trial today.

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