School nurses are incredibly important to the foundation of a school. Whether it’s performing health screenings, supplying health education, and providing basic overall treatment, nurses are vital to meeting the medical needs at your school.

Of equal importance is for nurses to have a platform to document and update health records throughout the course of a school year. With Sycamore School, our Medical module has all the necessary resources to meet your students’ health needs. Just like all of our modules, Medical is free to use contingent upon a Sycamore subscription with no additional fees.

The following are a few of the many features in the Medical module that can greatly benefit your school.

Tracking Health Screenings

Entering health screenings throughout the course of a school year is mandatory to track the well-being of students. Health screenings can help detect high blood pressure, asthma, vision and hearing impairment, and more. Tracking these screenings at an early age can help detect potential health issues and diagnose these issues through management strategies. 

Since Nurse’s Office became redesigned and modified in Version 3.0 as Medical, one of the biggest improvements revolved around health screenings. Schools are now able to enter health screenings more than once per year. This is especially valuable to those students with health concerns, as their health can be monitored and documented via screenings multiple times in a school year.

Adding Medical Logs

Creating medical logs is arguably the most critical component in the Medical module. When a student visits the nurse’s office, having the ability to document complaints, description, treatment, and the date and time is crucial. With these medical logs documented and in place, the nurse can monitor student visits and their overall progression throughout the course of a school year. The nurse can also send a Pass-A-Note (PAN) to the family notifying them of the medical log and the student’s visit to the nurse’s office.

Customizable Settings

You can also customize Medical to best accommodate your school’s health procedures. Between creating common complaints, requiring certain vaccines, and adding specific over-the-counter medications for select students, there is an abundance of options in customizing the Medical area for student health records and medical logs. With no two schools having identical procedures, the ability to customize the Medical module is pivotal to keeping students’ health and medical records a top priority.

To learn more about Medical and Sycamore School’s all-in-one school management system with no additional fees, please schedule a demo to start your free trial today.


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