With the school year underway for many, and others getting ready for the school year soon, we know time is sacred. For this reason, Sycamore Education wants to lend a helping hand where we can.

In the past two weeks, exclusive to our current customers, we held a summer training series. Since not everyone learns the same way, we provided a variety of Sycamore-specific topics. Regardless of whether schools were able to attend the sessions at their scheduled times or not, each session was recorded and can be viewed at any time on our multi-channel learning website.

The following are a few of the more popular sessions, and the many ways these sessions can help you learn more about Sycamore throughout the entirety of the school year.

Report Card Troubleshooting

Even at the beginning of the school year, it’s never too early to start thinking about report cards. Before you know it, first quarter report cards will be due. We want to make sure our schools haven’t forgotten about the tips and tricks over the summer months. This is why we hosted an instructor-led webinar entitled Report Card Troubleshooting. In this webinar, our instructor outlined troubleshooting steps to solving report card issues. This includes letter grades not displaying on the report card, incorrect attendance, teacher comments not appearing, and so much more.

To get ahead of the curve and familiarize yourself with some of these report card troubleshooting solutions, this session would be well worth any school administrator’s time. Then when it comes time to generate report cards this fall, you can refer to this session as a refresher. As a result, this makes report cards a less stressful and burdening experience.

Web App for Parents

While we released Sycamore School’s new and improved web app a little over a year ago, this training series was another opportune time to showcase it. In particular, this webinar focused on how to help parents use the Sycamore web app. 

In addition to an updated and user-friendly interface, there are many benefits for parents using the web app. Most notably, parents can fill out Covid health screenings for their students within the web app. This makes it easy to complete the screening each morning before packing lunches and making the daily commute. Our presenter also detailed how, unlike the mobile app, you can now view school documents on the mobile app. School documents, calendar events and news articles, keeps parents informed of all the latest activities happening at school. The lines of communication are also strengthened with an in-app notification for any new Pass-A-Notes (PANs) that families receive. It’s yet another reason why the web app is a beneficial tool for parents to support their students’ education.

Sycamore School Version 3.0 Overview

Speaking of improvements, one of the sessions we were most excited to present was Sycamore School Version 3.0 Overview. In this session, our instructor gave an overview of version 3.0. This is the new interface our Sycamore School product is actively transitioning to. With a few modules already accessible in version 3.0, our instructor gave a summary of those features and how to best utilize them. Looking ahead, we were also able to share what modules are coming to version 3.0 soon, and how eager we are to see those updated modules meet your school’s needs. 

Version 3.0 is an opportunity for our team to design a user-friendly interface, address current issues, and provide a foundation for new and exciting features. We couldn’t have been more pleased to share this vision with you in this session. We’re even more thrilled to take our schools on this journey to a product that will provide greater flexibility and make day-to-day tasks easier and convenient. Imagine being able to do everything in Sycamore on any device? That’s where the future of Sycamore is headed.

For current schools who weren’t able to attend the sessions, you can access our Learn with Sycamore website to access any and all sessions that interest you. For prospective schools wanting to learn about the various ways Sycamore can help your school, please schedule a demo to start your free trial today. 

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