State reporting has a variety of different requirements for states all over the country. Depending on your school district and state, that will determine the reporting requirements. Wisconsin and Indiana follow under the umbrella of Ed-Fi state reporting. 

Wisconsin’s state reporting, known as WISEdata, is an open data collection system that allows school districts, charter schools, and private schools to submit data to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) from the student information system vendor of their choice. Indiana requires schools to submit data and results-driven information to the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) in what is termed Data Exchange.

Sycamore School is one of the top-rated systems when it comes to Ed-Fi state reporting for WISEdata and Data Exchange. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to help ensure schools have accurate data and are certified to meet requirements.

We’ll give a brief overview of why Wisconsin and Indiana mandated this reporting process for their schools, and how Sycamore can help these schools meet their goal of certification.

The WISEdata and Data Exchange Vision

While WISEdata and Data Exchange are in separate states and have different requirements, their origins are quite similar. Previously, schools would be required to import and export data through spreadsheets. With a more modern approach, schools are now able to automatically transfer data to WISEdata and Data Exchange. Instead of submitting collections of data, this expedites the process to make it easier for schools to report.

The Importance of Accurate Data and Meeting Deadlines

Data integrity is also a critical component to state reporting. This makes working with a credible and reliable student information system that much more important. Data needs to be high-quality, confidential, and most importantly, accurate. With Sycamore School, data for all reported students is housed securely and safely in our system with limited administrative access. Additionally, our dedicated support team works with schools to help alleviate any errors. As a result, this ensures the quality and accuracy of the student data.

Deadlines are of equal importance. Since there is so much data that needs to be submitted, schools submit data through various deadlines, also known as snapshots. With each snapshot, schools progress through the WISEdata and Data Exchange process pending approval from the DPI and IDOE.

How Sycamore School Can Help

Our dedicated support team is here to help remedy any data errors for our Wisconsin and Indiana schools. For each snapshot (deadline), we’ll send a support ticket to our WISEdata and Data Exchange schools. We’ll detail the specific demographics and data needed for the upcoming snapshot. This helps us make sure we’re effectively communicating  the tasks that schools need to complete. It also helps our schools know that we’re doing everything we can to assist in the certification process.

We also keep in regular contact with the DPI and IDOE. We do our due diligence in attending all scheduled meetings. In addition, our team works with the DPI and IDOE to ensure Sycamore School meets all deadlines and certification as an SIS vendor. Sycamore School has met all requirements thus far in the WISEdata and Data Exchange process, and we look forward to working closely with both state departments for many years to come.

Sycamore School’s close relationship with the DPI and IDOE and our top-rated customer service make us one of the best school management systems to support WISEdata and Data Exchange. If you’re a Wisconsin or Indiana school looking for a school management system to help support your state reporting needs, please schedule a demo to start your free trial today.

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