For many schools, scheduling students in classes is one of the most laborious tasks to prepare for the new school year. While time-consuming, it’s a vital step to ensure the students’ classes and times match up accordingly as they move forward in their academic careers. In Sycamore School, we have a few different ways to build class schedules in preparation for the upcoming school year. For schools with students that have a more extensive schedule, we have our built-in Scheduler to make the scheduling process more convenient and efficient.

We’ll detail which schools the Scheduler is designed for, what requirements are involved, and how it can greatly benefit your school.

What type of schools should use the Scheduler?

While the Scheduler is mostly utilized by high schools, it is not limited to specific grade levels or schools. For any school that is spending hours on end manually scheduling students into classes, the Scheduler could be a valuable tool to automate that process. High schools are the most common school to use the Scheduler due to the complexity of scheduling a large number of students and teachers into the appropriate class periods. At its core, the Scheduler works to find which class periods fit best for teachers and students, while also keeping class sizes balanced.

Setup work

This scheduler setup will reflect the specific type of schedule your school has. The more complex your schedule is, the more setup may be required. Since no two schools operate exactly the same, we intentionally designed the Scheduler for a variation of class schedules across different schools. Another item to note is that the corresponding software which runs the scheduling algorithm will only work on a Windows OS.

Benefits of the Scheduler

There are a variety of benefits to implementing the Scheduler at your school. As aforementioned, time is the most beneficial component, as the Scheduler has the ability to save your school countless hours in placing students in classes and aligning class periods. Automating class schedules will significantly reduce the workload of administrators, and as a result, gives them more time to focus on other tasks.

In addition to saving time and reducing workload, like any feature within Sycamore School, the goal is to improve the academic experience. By optimizing schedules and minimizing disruptions and scheduling conflicts, this will help lead to a more conducive learning environment. These are a few of the many benefits the Scheduler can provide to improve the efficiency, organization, and effectiveness of scheduling at your school.

To learn more about how Sycamore School’s Scheduler could be a valuable resource to save your school time in scheduling classes, please schedule a demo to start your free trial today. Be sure to also watch a short video that spotlights the Scheduler as a valuable feature included in Sycamore School at no extra cost!

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