While students and teachers are enjoying hiking trips, fishing, and sunsets on the beach over the summer months, it’s the role of secretaries, registrars, administrators, etc., to prepare for the upcoming new school year. At Sycamore Education’s school management system, we’d like nothing more than to assist these unsung heroes in all their hard work preparing for a new school year.

We have listed a few tasks many schools seek to accomplish over the summer months, and how Sycamore School can make it easier and more convenient for schools to check those boxes off their to-do lists.

School Announcements and Supply Lists

Especially at the beginning of the school year, there is an abundance of information for families and students. Schools need to send information on orientation dates, the first day of fall sports, a message from the principal, etc. This is where Sycamore’s news articles can be incredibly helpful. By placing much of this information under School | News in Sycamore School, families and students can log in and view these news articles at the tail-end of the summer. That way, you can prepare and inform families and students about what they need to accomplish to get started in the new year.

Administrators can not only create news articles at the school level — they can also create them at the classroom level. News articles of supply lists are the perfect way to communicate with families and students about what supplies they need for the upcoming school year. Since each classroom differs in what supplies are needed, creating news articles at the classroom level enables families and students to view supply lists specific to that classroom.

Organizing Rooms and Buildings

With a new school year comes teachers changing rooms, new teachers to fill those rooms, and even new buildings being added to a school campus. Needless to say, it can be a trying task to organize and keep track of. This is where Sycamore School’s Facility Mgr can lend a helping hand. In addition to creating organized locations, buildings, and rooms, our new-and-improved Facility Mgr gives schools the option to plan calendar events and activities. As administrators organize the structure of rooms and buildings in the Facility Mgr, they are better prepared to avoid double-booking and plan accordingly when the first week of school starts.

Training New Teachers

It’s not unusual for there to be a significant amount of change from one school year to the next. With new administrators, new teachers fresh out of college, and new teachers coming in from other schools, finding the time to train these teachers on a new school management system can be challenging right before the school year. Not to mention, it’s difficult for new teachers to learn a whole new system when they’re transitioning and learning so much as it is.

This is where we come in. Under System Help | Training Videos in Sycamore School, we have an entire video dedicated specifically to New Teacher Training. Additionally, we have a free microlearning course designed for new teachers working in a Sycamore classroom for the first time. Even if the new teachers don’t grasp everything from the training video or microlearning course, they should be able to grasp the basic information (how to access their classrooms, how to create an assignment). Then administrators can have more of a question-and-answer session with the new teachers about all things Sycamore that is both mutually beneficial and time-efficient.

To learn more about how Sycamore Education’s tools and resources can help prepare your school for the upcoming school year in an organized, productive, and convenient manner, please schedule a demo to start your free trial today.

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