At Sycamore Education, we’re always looking to improve our product to best meet the needs of our schools. This includes updating and enhancing our school management system, Sycamore School, to match the technological advancements of our ever-changing world.

Our vision for Sycamore School Version 3.0 is to modernize all of our current features and modules for the betterment of the product and our schools. One of our newest modules that we upgraded into Version 3.0 is Medical, formerly known as Nurse’s Office.

We’ll detail below why we made the change to Medical, how it impacts our customers, and what developments and improvements we made to the module.

Why Did the Module Name Change?

Not only is Medical shorter and more direct, it also provides further clarity. A Nurse’s Office module implies that feature is only available for nurses. In actuality, we know the health of a student impacts more than the school nurse. Administrators can easily access the module to view student health concerns, daily logs, scheduled medications, generate reports, and much more.

How Medical Impacts Customers

Fortunately, any data and information schools have populated into Nurse’s Office is available to use in Medical. With an updated and cleaner user interface, schools are now able to access the module in a more organized and structured manner than ever before. As always, we don’t believe in charging schools extra. In Sycamore School’s school management system, all modules are free to use contingent upon a Sycamore subscription. This includes any and all modules moving into Version 3.0 – i.e., Medical.

Improvements Made in Medical

As aforementioned, the goal for all modules in Version 3.0 is to have less clicks and no pop-ups. These are changes that will help make Medical more convenient for schools to use. An updated and cleaner user interface also allows the module to be organized and structured better than ever before. Schools can now quickly navigate through Medical, including a new Settings page that enables schools to set up health complaints, over-the-counter medications, and vaccines in seamless fashion.

Two of the biggest changes made to the Medical module are as follows:

  • Schools may now enter health screenings more than once per year.
  • Exemption reasons are now available for vaccines, both for overall exemption and individual vaccines (choices: Exempt, Medical, Religious, Personal).

To learn more about the exciting new changes happening in Sycamore School Version 3.0 and how Medical can help meet your school’s student health needs, please schedule a demo to start your free trial today.

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