Sycamore’s Solution For Saving Teachers Time

Sycamore’s Solution For Saving Teachers Time

Report cards. Supervising the hallway.  Lunch duty.  Planning time.  Coaching track practice.  Sycamore gets it.  Teachers are busy and always on-the-go.  If they aren’t doing one thing, they’re doing another, and so on and so forth.  With the chaotic and hectic schedule teachers have, Sycamore would love nothing more than to make their lives a little bit easier.


Through the web-based school management system, Sycamore believes we can make teachers’ day-to-day activities less strenuous.  There are instant messaging services, a mobile app, and a variety of shortcuts that save time, and allow resources to be accessed in an efficient and effective manner.


Potentially, Teacher Chat could become any teacher’s best friend.  If there was ever a question that came up, they can access Teacher Chat through the classroom page and instantly be connected to Sycamore’s support team.  It’s beneficial for teachers to explore any problems that need to be solved by receiving instant feedback and support.


The Sycamore app is another important feature to utilize.  Teachers are constantly being pulled away from their desk, and a computer cannot always be readily in front of them.  Fortunately, with Sycamore’s app, a multitude of features can be accessed from any location via mobile devices.  


Shortcuts also play a vital role in the efficiency of a teacher’s day.  Everyone loves a good shortcut, well, except when you’re driving and that “shortcut” your friend suggested actually takes 30 minutes longer than the original path.  Sycamore promises not to lead teachers down the wrong path, though.  In fact, we think they’ll find our shortcuts quite helpful.  On the homepage, there are a series of features in the top right-hand corner.  Some of these features include:  attendance tracker, safety alert, personal calendar, online help manual, etc.  With these shortcuts, teachers are simply one click away from taking attendance, creating a calendar event, and alerting the school about an evacuation or inclement weather.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:  time is everything.  If we can save teachers even five minutes each day, that adds up to 25 minutes a week.  Sycamore’s school management system was built knowing that teachers are constantly occupied with many tasks on-hand, which is why Sycamore is as mobile and versatile as it is.  We want to make sure teachers don’t get so overwhelmed with everything that they forget the ultimate goal:  to promote learning and achieve academic and social objectives with the future leaders of the world.

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