Sycamore Support

Sycamore Support

Since the establishment of Sycamore in 1999, the goal has always been to help as many people as we can.  In 2016, that goal has not changed, and we are committed to helping schools enhance education that benefits the students, teachers, administration, and parents.


It should also be noted that Sycamore has added a few features since 1999.  Okay, we’ve added a lot of new features.  With as many as 300+ features, questions are going to arise, and we want to make sure that we are there to answer those questions in both an effective and efficient manner.


One of our customer service resources includes Teacher Chat, which allows teachers to send questions regarding the classroom to Sycamore’s support team via the live chat window.  If a teacher had the question of “How to print out a missing assignment report?”….that question would be processed to our support team, and an answer would be relayed back in minutes.  Yes, you read that right, minutes!


Another great resource are training videos.  There are many training videos over different features and integrations that have been added or changed through the years.  Each school has access to these videos from their school site, and each video is a helpful, 20-40 minute webinar of admissions, report cards, Google integration, tips for training parents, etc.


A final, more direct resource, is the user manual.  Listed as “online help” in each school’s Sycamore site, this resource allows customers to explore and learn more about Sycamore features.  For example, if you had a question about attendance, you could type that in the search bar, and you would find results on accessing and administering attendance through Sycamore.  


One of the biggest things Sycamore hangs its hat on is reliability in quick responses through customer service.  We realize your time is valuable, as being an educator/administrator is one of the most important jobs in the world.  That is why when questions come up, we make sure to respond as fast as we can, while providing the most adequate answers at the same time.  Sycamore’s customers have, and always will be, the main priority, so any question we can address and solve is truly our utmost pleasure.

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