Sycamore Offers Opportunities Through Demos/Free Trial

Sycamore Offers Opportunities Through Demos/Free Trial

Sycamore School is a different kind of school management system. Have you heard that line before? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. Either way, at Sycamore, we want to make it well-known that we are a different kind of company, and by different, we mean to say we offer opportunities that allow potential Sycamore users to take full advantage of our user-friendly system.


So, just what are those different kind of opportunities we speak of? Glad you asked. For starters, Sycamore believes in giving schools a free trial. We can’t expect schools to dive head-first into a system they know little about — not to mention purchase the system. We have the purchasing-a-car mentality in mind here. You can’t purchase and operate a vehicle until you test drive it first, and that is exactly what Sycamore wants you to do with our system.


When schools inquire, or have an interest in getting on-board with Sycamore, we’ll set them up with an online webinar demonstration. The great thing about Sycamore’s demonstrations is they are live with an actual person. There is no recorded audio, video, or anything like that. This way, if people have questions or concerns about Sycamore School, they can feel free to address those questions with the online demonstrator.


After the webinar demonstration, a school will be given a free trial to test out the system in a site personalized for the school. This is our way of giving schools the opportunity to see if Sycamore is the right fit for them. We realize these are big decisions that cannot be decided immediately. In fact, Sycamore would prefer you not decide right away, which is why we give you 30 days to get your feet wet in the system to determine if Sycamore is a match for your school.

Perhaps you’re wondering: Why put out a live, online demonstration for every new user? Why give out a 30-day free trial? Wouldn’t it be easier to just have a recorded video demonstration? Wouldn’t it be easier to have schools pay for a system without a free trial? Of course it would be, but that’s not what we’re looking for at Sycamore. We’re looking for better, not easier. Sycamore’s goal is to give schools the greatest opportunity to successfully utilize an affordable, reliable, and all-in-one school management system.

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