Sycamore Education Gains Instant Login with Clever

Sycamore Education Gains Instant Login with Clever

Sycamore Education, the provider of web-based school management systems, is dedicated to supplying schools with a substantial amount of resources for both the school and the classroom. In doing so, Sycamore has integrated with several reputable companies to give educators more usability and functionality. One of those integrations is Clever, a service that allows schools to securely sync data with educational applications utilized in the classroom.


Now that Sycamore School is an instant login enabled application, schools within Sycamore have the opportunity to utilize Clever’s single sign-on initiative with instant login. Instant login makes it easy for teachers and students to login and access Sycamore by using credentials from an existing identity system. Some of those systems include: Google Apps, Office 365, Active Directory, etc. Most schools already have credentials setup for teachers and students to access their school site, so Clever’s instant login can authenticate those users by using the same credentials to access all learning applications in the same place.


Schools can configure instant login by visiting their settings from the Clever dashboard. It is here that schools enter their portal url and select an identity system: Google Apps, Active Directory, etc. Once the instant login is configured, schools can add Sycamore School as an application from the various Clever applications listed. A request is then sent to Sycamore, in which Sycamore will ensure the school feels comfortable setting up and using instant login, and make sure the appropriate data is shared in order for teachers and students to use the single-sign-on service.


Arguably the biggest advantage of Clever’s instant login is its convenience. The last thing schools want is for students to try and remember multiple username and passwords. Not only is instant login convenient, but it also saves an incredible amount of time. According to MDR, an education market research and data firm, approximately 25% of class time was wasted trying to get students to log in (Kamireddy, 2014). Clever’s instant login helps ensure teachers and students are getting the most class time possible by using a single-sign-on service without an abundance of credentials.


As technology continues to be an essential component in the classroom, it’s never been more important for schools to have faster, easier access to technology. With the help of Clever, Sycamore can provide a school management system with the benefit of a single-sign-on platform. Instead of having students try to remember several different credentials, they will have one username and password to use when they log in and connect to various applications. The integration with Clever makes Sycamore a convenient, efficient, and reliable school management system for teachers and students to engage in educational technology.

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