Our Data Center


Sycamore Education is proud to be partners with Flexential – a premiere hosting solution.


Flexential shares our dedication to providing the expertise, support, services and solutions that our clients need now and ten years down the road. Through this partnership, we are able to offer our clients a level of security, stability, and network accessibility that simply is not feasible for individual schools.


About Flexential

What they do

At Flexential, we believe that the best infrastructure solutions aren’t about infrastructure—they’re about people. That’s why we empower all employees to provide the highest standards of service, working together with customers to develop solutions that are as flexible as our name implies.


We treat our customers’ infrastructure as if it were our own, offering industry-leading response times and continuous solutions to improve performance. We also create value by staying ahead of our customers’ growth and exceeding their expectations.


As a customer-first company, we build trusted relationships and tailored solutions that show that technology has a personal side: us.

Who they are

Flexential stands for something not often found in the world of IT transformation: the human touch. The best infrastructure solutions aren’t about infrastructure, they’re about people. With a mission to accelerate customer success through people and technology, we build trusted relationships and deliver tailored, value-added and reliable solutions to demonstrate the power of people in a technical world.

Their Infrastructure

Flexential helps organizations optimize their journey of IT transformation while simultaneously balancing cost, scalability, and security. Our assets span 41 data centers with a total footprint of 3 million square feet, 10,000 cross connects and 95 megawatts of power capacity across 21 domestic and international markets. Our team of 1,000 develops tailored, value-added and reliable solutions to help 4,200 customers in more than 31 industries stay ahead of growth and improve performance.

Our Platform

Sycamore Education utilizes Flexential for many different reasons:  from individualized attention to a high degree of expertise, data security, the list goes on.  Additionally, we have increased bandwidth from our last provider and complete redundancy across the board.  From load balancers to firewalls, to databases and web servers, everything is redundant.  That means peace of mind to you as our customers and for us as a company.  In this ever-changing cloud environment, Flexential just makes sense.