Sycamore: The Best Thing You Can Do For Your School!

If your school is looking for a new SIS/School Management System, now is the perfect time to make the switch! Sycamore’s proven school management system is a solid solution for your upcoming school year and for many years to come. More importantly, Sycamore will make the transition easy and ensure that everyone—teachers, administrators, parents, and students—can continue doing everything they need to do.

Sign up with Sycamore and pay no monthly fee until June 1, 2021.

This is the perfect way to ease into a new system and give your staff the time they need to learn and adjust before they leave for summer. By signing up early, you’ll also be able to start using our features right away, including online admissions. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be ready for the next school year with a system that you appreciate and trust.

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Why Sycamore?
All-In-One School Management System

Sycamore’s comprehensive school management system handles admissions, enrollment, scheduling, classroom management, cafeteria management, library management, report cards, transcripts, and much more. Over 300 features available for one low price!

Intuitive Interface

The Sycamore School system is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use so everyone involved with your school—teachers, administrators, parents, and students—can easily and quickly access the information they need.

Solid Platform With
Class A Security

Sycamore is built on PHP, the same reliable platform used by Facebook and Google. We partner with Flexential to deliver the safety, security, and reliability that only a Class A data center can deliver.

Customer Support

You will be matched with a New School Specialist to help with data migration and training. We provide unlimited support at no additional charge, with multiple ways for you to get the help you need when you need it.

Save Time, Money,
and Resources

Sycamore makes it possible for schools to save time, money, and resources by eliminating most paper-based communications, such as report cards, newsletters, calendars, schedules, and notifications.


Sycamore School provides software integrations with many outstanding companies so you can work smarter, not harder. These include options for online payments, communication, and G-Suite for Education.

Sycamore: The Best Thing You Can Do For Your School

Sycamore is a robust, online school management system with over 300 features and integrations that enable our schools to have an all-in-one solution. Our ability to integrate with Google at the highest level of any SIS is just one of the many ways Sycamore stands apart from other SIS/LMS providers in the marketplace.

With a quality system and dedicated support staff, Sycamore has become an industry leader in educational technology and the system behind schools in 48 states and 42 countries.  No matter the size of your institution, Sycamore provides what you need to run your school efficiently.

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