Five Tips and Tricks for Anxiety-free Admissions

Five Tips and Tricks for Anxiety-free Admissions

It’s that time of the year again… Admissions season! Admissions is an integral process of new and returning families registering for next school year. With schools wanting to make sure each family registers and is implemented successfully into the Admissions process for the next school year, there can be some stress and levels of anxiousness during this process.

We’re here to help take the anxiety out of Admissions! Here’s five tips and tricks that will help ensure the Admissions process is easy, transparent, and most importantly, effective.

1. Viewing family applications

The first and most vital step in Admissions is setting up a new school year. This can be done under Administrative | Administration | School Years. Once that new school year is set up, you can head to Admissions | Configuration | Setup and configure that newly-created school year for Admissions. That way when families register, they will be registering for the next school year.

2. Setting up a new school year

Families will often forget a step or two along the way when completing their application.Sometimes they forget to agree to a required agreement. Sometimes they forget to upload a requested document. Sometimes they forget to hit the Submit button at the end. In cases like these, schools can assist in this process by viewing family applications to see what has been missed. To view a family application, simply click on the PDF icon where a family has registered. Doing so will open their application in a new tab, and from there, schools can see any steps that were missed. To view multiple family applications at once, checkmark multiple family names and click the blue Applications button in the top-right corner.

3. Family/Student Additional Fields

Throughout the application process, there are times when schools need to ask additional questions to gather data and information in regard to enrollment. This is where additional fields come into the picture. Additional Fields are created under Administrative | Back Office Mgr | Additional Fields. Once these fields are created, schools can checkmark the Admissions box for the fields to populate on enrollment applications. Schools using the Admissions Portal will want to also make sure to go to Admissions | Portal Mgr | Applications to checkmark the Additional Fields to ensure they display, as well as require families to fill out these fields, if necessary.

4. Manually adding families to Admissions

Some schools, for a variety of reasons, choose to forgo families enrolling their students in the Admissions process, and instead, choose to add these families/students into Admissions themselves. To manually add families into Admissions, a Super User or a user with Back Office Mgr permission must go to Back Office Mgr | Families | Current. Once there, click on an individual family via their blue Family Code. Then, click the blue Admissions button in the bottom-right corner to add them to Admissions. To add multiple families to Admissions, simply select each family and then select the Add to Admissions option in the Choose Action drop-down in the top-right corner.

5. Enrolling families for next school year

Schools often wonder throughout the Admissions process when they actually get to enroll these families for next school year. This step actually occurs during the Year-end Closeout Process. Once the YEC Process has been completed, schools can proceed to enter the next school year, and from there they can go to Admissions to enroll these families as the final step in the YEC Process. In doing so, students will be promoted to their new grade level, and families and students will populate in Back Office Mgr.

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