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We offer a comprehensive online student management system specifically designed for PreK-12 schools. Every function is fully integrated using a single, powerful, and completely secure database. Sycamore's school management software can handle the varied needs of your school. Our clients include public schools, private schools, Catholic schools, international schools, virtual schools, charter schools, Jewish schools, independent schools, online schools, and military schools.


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First Year as a Programmer – Sycamore Education

What’s It Like? About a year ago, I began my journey as a developer at Sycamore Education. I had just endured a grueling year-long career search, having just graduated with the life-long dream of a college degree under my belt. I was just set to run off to the pacific northwest when I received an…

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Working Remotely | 5 Advantages

All in a hard day’s work. For much of the last ninety or so years, companies across the country have generally agreed that a work day should consist of eight hours and a work week five days. But how did we reach this consensus? Well, first, the short answer is that the length of the…

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What is (SIS)?

What is a Student Information System? As we move further into the digital age, more schools are turning to technology to better organize themselves and their learning environments. Educational technology, in its many forms, is today providing both administrators and teachers with capabilities and conveniences that their predecessors – just a few short generations ago…

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An Effective Classroom: 5 Tips

The word effective carries with it a certain assumption of prior planning or forethought. The very definition hints at its intentional nature: adequate to accomplish a purpose – producing the intended or expected result. 5 The most effective educators are those who head into the lesson with a clear and logical game plan. However, being…

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Net Neutrality

What Is It? Perhaps you’ve heard the term net neutrality thrown around on the internet, 24-hour news cycle or even amongst friends. What does it mean, though? Net neutrality is a principle that holds that internet service providers (ISPs) should treat all data sources equally, forbidding them from discriminating by user, source, or content. In…

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Click-A-Less Contest

Sycamore has grown from its humble beginnings as a website that does simple attendance and admissions to a full-fledged web-based application that has over 300 integrated features. This growth has been largely organic, stemming from the conversations we have with our customers on a daily basis.   300 features sound great, but it can be…

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Thanks to Tech-Savvy Parent, Sycamore Education Meets the Amazon Echo

When Sycamore Education’s public application program interface (API) was released, the possibilities opened up that would allow third-party developers to access data stored within Sycamore in a safe and secure manner. Most recently, a parent at Shakopee Area Catholic School in Shakopee, Minnesota has increased those possibilities even further to assist him and his family.…

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Sycamore Education Gains Instant Login with Clever

Sycamore Education, the provider of web-based school management systems, is dedicated to supplying schools with a substantial amount of resources for both the school and the classroom. In doing so, Sycamore has integrated with several reputable companies to give educators more usability and functionality. One of those integrations is Clever, a service that allows schools…

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Sycamore Education Completes Integration with Wisconsin Ed-Fi

Sycamore Education has recently become certified with Wisconsin Ed-Fi to create a standardized way of representing student data in the best possible way.   With Ed-Fi technology being a proponent of real-time, actionable information for student data, the chance to partner with a provider of web-based school management systems, in Sycamore Education, was the perfect…

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