White Paper: Sycamore’s Reliable Customer Support

White Paper: Sycamore’s Reliable Customer Support


A school management system is a big step for any school looking for a secure system to store information and data. These systems are essential for student success both inside and outside of the classroom. With every school management system, however, there is a learning curve involved. It takes time for schools to learn about the capabilities and functionality of a system, which is why customer support is such an essential component for Sycamore Education’s product, Sycamore School. This white paper will address the importance of customer support, and why Sycamore Education’s support team makes Sycamore stand apart from the competition.


New School Specialist

When schools first sign-on with Sycamore, as aforementioned, there is a learning curve they have to go through to get adjusted to the system. The support team will be there every step of the way. One member of the support team (New School Specialist) is assigned to every new school to help them get started with Sycamore. The New School Specialist provides the school with some initial training on the fundamentals of the system, and continues to assist schools as they set up and become accustomed to using the system.


Quick Response Time

One of the most important aspects of Sycamore’s support team is its response time. Administrators are busy, so when they have questions or concerns about the system, Sycamore understands they need to be addressed as quickly as possible. A support ticket or Teacher Chat message can be sent directly to our support team, and a response will be relayed back promptly. Sycamore does not believe schools should have to wait hours for a solution. Sycamore has a support team that is fast, efficient, and more than willing to help in any way it can.


Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Sycamore Education listens to its school users, and it has since the company started over 15 years ago. It’s that valuable feedback that’s allowed Sycamore to have over 300+ features, and continue to add features for the benefit of the school management system. When users make suggestions on what they’d like improved, the support team relays this information to the development department. Many of the updates and enhancements that take place in Sycamore are the direct result of customer feedback.



While Sycamore’s school management system is user-friendly, it does take time to get adjusted to the system. Customer support is mandatory for schools to properly utilize a system correctly, and Sycamore has the customer support to ensure that utilization. Sycamore is here for schools every step of the way, from when they first sign on, to years down the road. A school specialist to guide the way for new schools, quick response time, and the value of customer input is why Sycamore Education is a reliable school management system.

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