White Paper: Sycamore’s Extensive Communication

White Paper: Sycamore’s Extensive Communication


For any school management system, communication is key for a successfully implemented system. With administrators, teachers, students, and parents, it’s becoming more difficult each year for these parties to all stay connected and keep the communication lines open. In today’s day and age, it’s almost imperative for schools to have multiple communication outlets. For schools looking to increase their communication, Sycamore Education has the features to communicate more frequently and efficiently. This white paper will address the need for schools to improve their communication, and why Sycamore is the school management system that offers multiple communication lines and platforms.



Sycamore has its own exclusive feature to assist with communication between administrators, teachers, and students. The Pass-a-Note (PAN) feature, which is essentially a cross between an email and a text message, makes it easy for schools to stay connected and cohesive. Unlike email, PAN confirms the delivery of a message, which gives the sender peace of mind knowing that an important message was accurately delivered. The PAN can be sent to individuals, as well as multiple parties. If a teacher wanted to send a message to his/her students, a message could be sent out to an entire class with the click of a button.


Batch Email

Batch email is another useful feature schools can utilize to increase their communication efforts. The biggest advantage of batch email is its capacity to send an email to a group of recipients. For example, if a user were to send a batch email to a group of 100 individuals, Sycamore’s system will send out 100 separate emails each to only one recipient. Another benefit of batch email is the emails that are sent out can be scheduled. If administrators wanted to send an email wishing families a good summer vacation, they could write the email months beforehand and schedule to release it on the last day of school. The emails can also be scheduled for immediate release, but many schools find a scheduled release helpful to plan and organize important emails ahead of time.


Text Messages

In the world today, text messaging is becoming the fastest and most accessible form of communication. Students, as well as adults, almost always have their cellular devices on-hand, and that makes text messaging services within Sycamore a necessity. Text messages, most notably batch text messages, are useful for schools to make important announcements that need to be disseminated quickly. If school was canceled due to inclement weather, schools could issue a text message out to faculty, students, and parents notifying them of the cancellation. Batch texts are very similar to batch email, but because people tend to check their text messages more than their email messages, batch texts serve a purpose for messages that are more immediate and need to be read right away.



With communication being such a significant part of schools’ day-to-day operations, Sycamore is pleased to provide the communication platforms for schools to stay well-connected. Without multiple communication outlets, schools would lose the opportunity of keeping faculty, parents, and students informed and up-to-date. Whether it’s a PAN, batch email, or text message, users are a click or two away from contacting anyone, at any time, at any place, within Sycamore.

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