White Paper: Sycamore’s Affordable Pricing

White Paper: Sycamore’s Affordable Pricing


While school management systems greatly assist schools in operating and managing student data and information, they can be expensive. Many schools do not have the funds or resources to pay for a system that exceeds a reasonable price range. Sycamore Education would like to solve this problem for schools. Sycamore does not believe schools should have to worry about the cost of a system, which is why Sycamore prides itself on offering a school management system schools can afford.


Payment Structure

Sycamore School is a PreK-12 online software used by public and private schools around the country. The cost of the system is on a per-student basis, and the price fluctuates depending upon the number of students enrolled in the school. Many school management systems charge a one-time startup fee close to $3,000, and a minimum monthly payment of $250. Sycamore does not believe these prices give every school the opportunity to successfully utilize a system they can afford, which is why Sycamore offers a one-time startup fee of $1,000, and a minimum monthly payment of $120. With over 300 features and affordable payments, this is Sycamore’s way of offering schools more while paying less.


Free Trial

Sycamore’s system can be afforded by just about everyone, but it does not make sense for schools to pay for a system they are uncertain about. A 60-minute webinar demonstration simply allows users to be introduced to the system. A 30-day free trial gives schools the opportunity to test the system out for a month to see if Sycamore is the right fit.


Reduce Paper

Schools will save a substantial amount of paper by switching to Sycamore’s school management system. Paper is a resource used so regularly that it can become a liability for funding. When schools are forced to use student files, applications, report cards, transcripts, etc. on paper, this can become a major expense. Schools will not only save a considerable amount of money by minimizing how much paper is used, but they will also better prepare themselves for a future where educational technology continues to advance.



Schools have many different options in choosing a school management system, but they have few options as affordable as Sycamore. With an affordable monthly payment and one-time startup fee, schools receive their money’s worth for a reliable, cost-effective system. The free trial allows customers to evaluate the system to decide if Sycamore is the school management system they need going forward. A reduction in paper will also save schools a considerable amount of money. Sycamore has the resources to reduce paper in a multitude of areas. If schools are looking for a variety of features to access, while not exceeding the school budget, Sycamore may be the right system for them.

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