Sycamore’s International Presence

Sycamore’s International Presence

When Sycamore Education started well over a decade ago, we wanted to make an impact far and wide. Education is so important for the growth and development of the future, it was Sycamore’s goal that if our school management system can help schools manage their data more efficiently, or provide schools with the tools to help them be more efficient, then it would be a huge win for everyone.


Sycamore initially began offering its services to schools in the Midwest, but before long, we had schools across the United States, as the company expanded and rapidly grew. After a stable U.S. population was shown, Sycamore hit a milestone in its web-based system: international presence.


As it stands today, there are over 40 countries around the world that utilize Sycamore’s services, and that number continues to increase. Some of the countries Sycamore has a presence in include: Germany, China, France, Canada, Japan, Argentina, etc.


One of the reasons Sycamore’s international schools continue to rise is because of our customer support. It doesn’t matter what time zone these schools are in, Sycamore works around their schedule to best fit their needs. This is how it should be. If schools are willing to invest their time and money with Sycamore’s school management system, the least we can do is return that favor by offering the support and feedback schools need — no matter the time or day.


With over 300+ integrated features and dozens of software integrations, international schools have the tools necessary to: enhance communication, interact with parents and students, manage and organize student data, and so much more. We’d be here all day if we had to describe all 300 features, but know that schools have the functionality to access everything from the gradebook, to accounting, to cafeteria management, to course scheduling, and so on and so forth. Sycamore takes great pride in offering so much functionality with its system because it is needed in order to manage an entire school, and we do not want to limit that access in any way.


No matter what country a school is located in, no matter what season it is, and no matter what time zone it is, Sycamore is always going to have a connection with every international school through education. Education is the forefront for positive change and growth, and with any luck, Sycamore’s school management system can continue to be a part of that great development with each international school.

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