Sycamore’s Communication Outlets Strengthen Community

Sycamore’s Communication Outlets Strengthen Community

There are many things that can be said about a school community. Yes, it is true a community needs to be connected. They need to be close-knit. They need to get along and share common goals to help one another succeed. There is no doubting any of that. In order for a school community to really reach its full potential, though, first and foremost, they need to have a solid communication platform in place.


One of the communication features Sycamore School offers to keep schools connected and up-to-date is flash news. Flash news allows schools to create scrolling content for the homepage. This can include anything from: back to school picnics, basketball games, school closings for inclement weather, etc. The flash news is a valuable resource that gives parents, students, and staff members the opportunity to see any important events and news by simply logging into Sycamore. It’s an easy and effective way for schools to keep all parties on the up-and-up.


Batch email and text messaging are also popular features schools utilize to keep in close contact with the school community. The great thing about batch emails and texts is that they are sent to staff and parents directly through Sycamore’s servers.


During the workday, it’s fairly safe to say most parents/staff members check their email frequently enough that they would see a batch email come across from the school; however, if by chance a message was sent out by the school in the evening, this is when a batch text message is extremely beneficial. The way cell phones are glued to people, chances are it wouldn’t take long for a message to be seen by a recipient parent or staff member, which makes batch texts helpful if schools are trying to get information sent out in a hurry.


Another interesting feature Sycamore offers is the Message of the Day. Schools can create a message that will show up for every user when they login to the school site. This can be a motivational message, or it can include a message like, “The pep rally will take place this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. in the north gym. Bring your school spirit!” It’s just another resource for schools to utilize to bring the community closer together, and ensure everyone knows which events are happening at what time.


What Sycamore would like schools to know is that we are here to provide the communication to bring your school closer together. Any kind of event that is scheduled, or somehow changes with the wind (literally, like closing for inclement weather), Sycamore can notify the school community through our flash news, batch email/text messaging services, and Message of the Day. Sycamore wants nothing more for your school to succeed, and we believe success starts with strong, competent, and accessible communicative outlets.

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