Sycamore: The Point of Connection Through Education

Sycamore: The Point of Connection Through Education

In the adventure that is a school year, things can get a bit chaotic. There are so many different assignments, projects, tests, classes, clubs, activities, etc., that sometimes, schools lose that point of connection. After all, that graduation day milestone cannot be achieved without the combined effort of teachers, students, and parents.


Sycamore’s school management system has a variety of features to help schools stay connected from within. The photo albums feature is one way schools can stay connected, and it can be used in a number of ways. This feature can be used by teachers to upload images of class events, field trips, projects, etc., and parents are also allowed to view these images to gain an understanding of what their students learned and participated in at school.


Pass-a-Notes are another important feature, and they also happen to be Sycamore-exclusive, meaning you won’t find this feature through other school management systems. Pass-a-Notes, which are essentially a cross between a text message and an email, provide an effective form of communication between teachers, parents, and students. Parents can send a Pass-a-Note to the front office letting them know that their child will be absent. It can also prove quite beneficial to teachers — especially those who work in separate departments or wings — as they can communicate with one another instantly through Pass-a-Note.


News articles, similar to photo albums, allow teachers to engage students in academic material outside the classroom. A homework assignment could be for students to read an essay on why Great Expectations is Charles Dickens’ greatest novel. The essay can be posted as a news article for all the students to see, and similar to the photo albums, it lets parents know that students are learning and have something to read and work on. New articles can also be used by teachers to communicate with parents about what’s going on in the classroom.


A final feature that allows schools to stay connected is through Google Classroom. Any previously created Google Classroom can be synced and imported to populate teachers and class rosters. This gives teachers and students direct access to Google Classroom from within Sycamore classes. Assignments can also be submitted and graded through this feature, and teachers can even leave comments suggesting how each student did on the particular assignment. With created classes, synced rosters, distributed assignments, and effective feedback, Google Classroom is the ultimate resource for schools to stay connected.


No matter how big or small your school is, it’s too easy to get lost in everything that goes on in a school year. Sycamore wants nothing more than to keep your school on track, though, and with photo albums, Pass-a-Notes, news articles, and Google Classroom, Sycamore can do just that. Until next time, happy connecting to all teachers, students, and parents!

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