Sycamore Shortcut Series – Sycamore Employees

Sycamore Shortcut Series – Sycamore Employees

Continuing with the Sycamore Short Series, we sat down with two more Sycamore employees who used to work in Sycamore-based schools that help make up almost ⅓ of our total employees.

Kami Findall came to us from Roncalli Catholic High School in Omaha, NE where she worked as an IT Director for the school. Her vast knowledge of the Sycamore product made her a perfect candidate for the role she has now as a Customer Support Representative and Quality Assurance.

Karla Dorsey worked at Trinity Lutheran School in Fremont, NE as Technology Director before joining Sycamore. Karla’s familiarity with Sycamore, her expertise in a variety of innovative programs and software, and her experience in customer support, made her a valuable commodity in the role she has as Customer Support Manager at Sycamore.

What made you decide to work for Sycamore?

KF: Over the years while using Sycamore, I was always impressed with the customer service received whenever I contacted the company. No matter who was on the other side of the ticket or phone call, I always felt that my problem was truly cared about, and besides, they were the friendliest people, too! When the time came that my son graduated and I needed a change, Sycamore was the first place I looked, hoping that I could become a part of the team that really cares about its customers.

KD: My knowledge of Sycamore helped out immensely. I knew the product, so that was a big advantage I had going for me. I also wanted to help schools utilize the product to the best of their ability like I did as a Super User.

What do you enjoy about working at Sycamore?

KF: The people! I don’t know how they do it, but they have created a company with a group of really fun people to work with. We all work hard and we all care a lot about this company and each other. It makes going to work so easy when you enjoy the work and the people you work with!

KD: This includes a variety of things. First and foremost, I enjoy working with the people. I believe in working with good people on a good product to help the customer. I also enjoy helping schools work on a particular feature/module that best meets their needs. I know the school environment, so I often times know exactly where they are coming from in regard to their use of a particular module.

Besides your experience with the Sycamore product, what is something you learned or acquired at the school level that you’ve been able to bring to Sycamore?

KF: In addition to being the Registrar and the IT Director at schools, I was also the G-Suite Admin. I am familiar with how schools have evolved in using the G-Suite products and its importance in an integration with an SIS.

KD: I would say, understanding the school environment, which is much more complex than many may realize. I understand the struggles and hardships. I understand that if a secretary is on the phone with Sycamore about Admissions, at the same time, Johnny is coming to the office in need of a band-aid. That said, I bring that element of knowledge and understanding. I, as well as the rest of the Support team, am happy to wait on the phone in instances like these. We’re happy to not only support the product, but schools calling on the product, as well.

What kind of insight or perspective do you bring to Sycamore as a former Super User?

KF: I think I bring a practical user perspective that can help bridge the gap of understanding between Sycamore and the Super User. On the Sycamore side, I can provide more user-case scenarios to help our developers create a useful product and understand the necessity. On the Super User side, having “lived” that side, I can emphasize and help guide the user to find what will work, or offer ideas or other options.

KD: I bring an insight of knowing what needs to be done/accomplished. Through the process of the school explaining the problem, I can look at the problem with with a reflecting lens, because I’ve been in the same position as them. I know the importance of schools wanting to integrate technology into the classroom. I’m aware of the struggle to sometimes get parents to engage in logging into Sycamore consistently, with that engagement being so vital. So, yes, I’d like to say I bring a lot of perspective from the school environment here to Sycamore.

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