Shortcut Series – Teachers

Shortcut Series – Teachers

Here at Sycamore, we appreciate everything teachers do to educate the youth to be future leaders and achievers. That said, it is our goal to make sure teachers are utilizing Sycamore in the most effective and efficient manner in order to maximize academic engagement with their students.



Shortcuts are a tremendous way of accessing specific features without all the “clicks.” Let’s say a teacher forgot to take attendance in his/her class. Instead of going all the way into the classroom to take attendance, teachers can simply log in to the school homepage on Sycamore. In the top-right, there is a shortcut icon that resembles a hand. This is the Attendance Tracker shortcut, and it will allow teachers to take attendance in seconds.

Another shortcut that teachers find valuable is when they log onto the school homepage and go to My Classes, there are a series of shortcut icons they can choose from. For example, if a teacher selects the camera icon, this will take the teacher directly into the classroom to the photo albums. Similarly, if the newspaper icon is selected, the class news will automatically be opened in that classroom. It’s shortcuts like these that not only save teachers time but also allow them to access Sycamore in a productive manner.



Many teachers are surprised to learn about the various amount of reports they can run from each of their classrooms. Under Grade Book | Reports, some of the more popular reports that can be run include the Progress Report and Missing Assignments. The Progress Report will list the grades of each assignment for each student in the selected quarter, in addition to displaying the current overall grade. The Missing Assignments report is also beneficial, as this report will pull all assignments whose status is set to missing or absent for a specific quarter. This makes it easier for teachers to know which students are falling behind and require extra attention in helping them get assignments turned in on time.


Arguably the most prominent and popular report teachers can utilize is the Student Check List report. This report, found under Administration | Reports, gives teachers the option to print out a student roster, which is an essential resource to have even in today’s digital age. 

Another beneficial report, also found under Administration | Reports, is Classroom Medical. This report will list emergency contact information for each student. Emergencies are never fun to think about, but it’s nice to have a plan in place and a report to access if the worst comes to worst in case of said emergencies.

Resources for Families/Students

A teacher’s classroom can also be a valuable resource for families and students. Flash news can be shown across a classroom page detailing important information like: “Midterm Final on Friday, November 16.” Or, “Field trip to the zoo will be rescheduled for Tuesday, April 22.” Flash news is imperative not only to communicate any important or urgent information, but it’s also vital to encourage families/students to continue to access and engage in the classroom webpage.


Class links are another great asset for teachers to feature in their classroom. These links can be placed under Class | Favorites. Then, when students access the class page, they can use those links as a learning tool for homework, upcoming tests/quizzes, educational games, etc., – which all help bolster academic engagement. To that same effect, videos can be added to provide students with an additional and educational resource. These videos can be uploaded under Class | Multimedia, where students can enter the classroom to watch as a learning outlet that extends beyond the standard assignment or test.


Blake Kavan | Support Specialist/Copywriter



Look for more tips like these throughout the fall as we continue with the Sycamore Short Cut Series! 

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