Sycamore Embraces G Suite’s Educational Impact

Sycamore Embraces G Suite’s Educational Impact

Google. We all know of it. We’ve watched them through the years develop from a search-engine company to a technology powerhouse that has expanded to: video sharing, networking, music, and yes, the one we care the most about here at Sycamore…G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education).


It is a known fact that Sycamore has the highest G Suite integration possible for a school management system. We provide the system, and G Suite provides the features and tools to “Googlize” (Yeah, that just happened) with our own 300+ integrative features. Google is an important and valuable resource for millions of people, so we owed it to our users to provide G Suite services in order to increase communication, grading, and organization.


Communication is an obvious beneficiary of G Suite and Sycamore. G Suite can actually sync Gmail accounts into Sycamore for administrators, teachers, parents, and students to communicate. Not to mention, syncing Gmail accounts into Sycamore School literally takes a matter of seconds, and it sure beats creating separate accounts to add into Sycamore.


Google Classroom is definitely one of the more popular features schools utilize to assist with grading. Google Classroom gives teachers the ability to create, collect, grade, and return assignments. Sycamore can also enhance this feature further through Google Classroom Coursework, which allows the data involving those grades and assignments to sync from the Google Classroom into the grade book in Sycamore School.


Organization is also an essential component to G Suite. Schools can save and access files through their Google Drive, and we can’t forget about Google Calendar, which allows parents and students to view assignment dates, tests, quizzes, field trips, fundraising events, etc. Let’s be honest, no place has more moving parts than a school, with so many administrators, teachers, parents, and students all doing their role to make school an enjoyable, productive place to learn. We believe with our G Suite integration, schools can navigate through Sycamore and retrieve data easier than ever.


Google’s mission statement is to organize the world’s information and make it universally acceptable and useful. We’re glad they’re a part of the educational world, and we appreciate the opportunity to partner with them. It’s something we learned long ago: When Google has an innovative idea, it’s best to listen. We listened all right, and we consider ourselves fortunate to work together to make schools and academic resources a priority in education.

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