Sycamore Education Completes Integration with Wisconsin Ed-Fi

Sycamore Education Completes Integration with Wisconsin Ed-Fi

Sycamore Education has recently become certified with Wisconsin Ed-Fi to create a standardized way of representing student data in the best possible way.


With Ed-Fi technology being a proponent of real-time, actionable information for student data, the chance to partner with a provider of web-based school management systems, in Sycamore Education, was the perfect fit.


“Ed-Fi has created a really great framework,” said Sycamore Education CEO Glen Ellis.  “Now that we’re Ed-Fi compliant, we have the data that can be dispersed to the Wisconsin Department of Instruction in a way that was not possible before.”


It was Wisconsin that first implemented the mandated switch to Ed-Fi in an effort to make it much easier for districts to report required data. Wisconsin has also made a definitive effort to require some state reporting for their private schools, and with a significant number of private schools Sycamore works with in Wisconsin, Sycamore’s decision to support Ed-Fi was an easy one.


More and more states and school districts are beginning to use Ed-Fi as a way to secure educational data in a standardized system, and improve student achievement and teacher satisfaction. According to Jeremiah Bohling, Product Development Manager at Sycamore Education, this efficient way of reporting will continue to be on the rise. “When more and more states start catching on to Ed-Fi, I think you’ll see that school management systems start having really great support for Ed-Fi. I believe it could create a snowball effect in that regard.”


Bohling is confident that Ed-Fi is going to make Sycamore a better school management system going forward. “There are many updates and changes we’ve made that will be useful to schools in the future,” Bohling stated. “The overhaul of our current student information, for example, will be beneficial to all schools — even the ones that don’t use Ed-Fi. I think many schools are going to be very content with some of our new changes, thanks to Ed-Fi.”


The biggest advantage Ed-Fi has given Sycamore is the ability to have a new outlook on how to store and update data, and this will lead to some excellent opportunities down the road for Sycamore’s school management system. Bohling, for one, could not be more excited about the potential upside Ed-Fi brings.


“I’m very happy with what we’ve accomplished with Ed-Fi and how everything has been operating. For Wisconsin and Sycamore, I think this is going to be a big thing moving forward. I think it’s going to be a win for everyone.”

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