Sycamore Ecstatic to Acknowledge Teacher Appreciation Week

Sycamore Ecstatic to Acknowledge Teacher Appreciation Week

As the school year continues to wind down, excitement is in the air. After another productive year of knowledge and growth, students are always ready for their summer vacation to start. A multitude of tests, quizzes, projects, assignments, and various other academic engagements played a part in students earning their summer break.


What sometimes gets lost in a school year is how hard teachers work, too. Not only are they instructing students on the fabrics of education, but they are preparing them for the next step in their academic careers. These efforts by our teachers often go unnoticed: the late nights grading papers, the early mornings on hall duty, the encouraging smile of a job well done on a spelling test, and the extra 10 minutes after school to ensure a student understands a math lesson.


While teachers are certainly not in their respected profession for the recognition or glory, it’s still satisfying for them to know that all their hard work does not go unrecognized. For the week of May 8 – May 12, Sycamore Education is proud to help recognize “National Teacher Appreciation Week.”


As is the case for so many throughout this week, it got us to reflect on how much we appreciate everything teachers do — every single day — to improve the education of our students. With that being said, we want to make every day an appreciation day for teachers that utilize Sycamore’s school management system, and we believe our tools and features have the means to make that a reality.


For starters, we offer all teachers the ability to use Teacher Chat, which is a live chat system that gives teachers the access to talk with our support team one-on-one with any questions/concerns they may have. Teachers find it very beneficial to be able to talk with a support representative in a timely and efficient manner with whatever issue they are experiencing. We know teachers’ time is valuable, which is why our live Teacher Chat system provides that immediate communication.


Speaking of communication, we not only want teachers to be in close contact with the Sycamore support team, but we also want them to be able to have close contact with parents/students, as well. With the help of PANs (Pass-a-Notes) and Batch Email, teachers are a few clicks away from reaching out to multiple parents/students at a time. For instance, if Billy did not hand in his English assignment earlier that day, the teacher could send him a PAN as a friendly reminder. For parents, if a teacher wanted to inform parents about the upcoming parent/teacher conferences, they could send a batch email to every parent in a particular classroom. It’s this quick and reliable communication we consider an asset for our teachers to take advantage of.


In addition to communication, our teachers also have a wide variety of tools and features to manage within Sycamore that make their day-to-day jobs much easier. Not only can they plan lesson plans for the week, but they can also print those lesson plans out to document and organize as they please. Let’s also not forget about attendance, which gives teachers the convenience to mark attendance and submit it to the office in seconds.


As hard-working and dedicated as teachers are, it’s truly our pleasure at Sycamore to provide them with the necessary resources they need to make their classroom that more successful and productive. It’s with great pride that we not only recognize this week as “Teacher Appreciation Week,” but each and every day school is in session. Thank you for everything you do, teachers! Your work does not go unnoticed by Sycamore!

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