Sycamore and TADS Pleased to Announce Tuition Management Interface

Sycamore and TADS Pleased to Announce Tuition Management Interface

At Sycamore, we’re always looking to improve and supply schools with the school management system that best meets their needs, which is why we could not be more pleased to announce our newest interface with TADS™ by Community Brands®!

TADS™ has been helping schools concentrate on the growth and success of their students since 1970. Their streamlined process assists schools in admissions, enrollment, financial aid assessment, and tuition management. As a result, they have cemented themselves as a first-rate technology company that is highly-reputable, trusted and valued.

We realized the potential to add tremendous value for our customers by partnering with such an innovative company. Our goals and strategies closely align and we relish the chance to stand alongside an industry leader with the stature of TADS™.

Sycamore firmly believes this will be a mutually-beneficial interface that will provide schools with the functionality that was not possible before in regard to tuition and financial management.

We can’t thank TADS™ enough for this Tuition Management interface, and we look forward to working together to add tremendous value to our customers!

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