Sycamore Admissions Make for Easy Transition

Sycamore Admissions Make for Easy Transition

We’ve all been in the situation of experiencing a new school for the first time. Whether it be the first day of elementary school, middle school, high school, etc., we all fixate our eyes at the towering school building in front of us, take a deep breath, and prepare ourselves for new opportunities and memories that lie ahead.


It’s scary, right? Anything that is new brings a certain level of anxiousness and uncertainty. Sycamore School would love nothing more than to ease that anxiety, and with our simple and straightforward admissions process, we believe we can make admissions a smooth transition for parents, students, and schools.


Sycamore’s Admissions Manager will give your school the ability to track and manage families and students that have been admitted for the upcoming school year. In a sense, our Admissions Manager actually acts as a holding area for the next school year’s enrollment, until you are ready to enroll after the current year’s end-of-year processing has been completed during the summer.


Oh, also important to note — especially for new families — is admissions inquiries. Do you know when a family is interested in your school, but not quite ready to submit an application yet? Yeah, we’ve got a place for those families, too. Schools can allow families to submit an inquiry online from their website. That data then gets pulled into Sycamore, and just like that, those families and students are in the database ready to be enrolled or deleted at any time.


Did we mention that our admissions process is also easier than ever? We know parents have a lot of paperwork they are obligated to fill out, so we’re not going to make this process more difficult than it has to be. New families can log into a separate URL while filling out their application, because who wants to complete an entire application in one sitting? Families will then be listed as either submitted or registering, with registering being when a family has begun an online application, and submitted signifying when a family has completed the application.


Like we said, change is difficult for everyone. A transition period to the unknown can be frightening, but it’s also exciting, which is why Sycamore considers our Admissions Manager to be such an integral part of our system. New students to teach and guide in their academic careers is exhilarating. New parents to interact with and gain relationships with is important. And a place to hold these families and students until they are enrolled in your school is, to put it quite simply, convenient. So, there’s no need for first-day-of-school jitters with admissions. Sycamore has a plan in place for all incoming families and students.

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