Sycamore Admires, Appreciates Development Staff

Sycamore Admires, Appreciates Development Staff

Have you ever heard of the term “unsung heroes?” These group of individuals provide great deeds to a noble cause with little-to-no recognition. They are the background singers to a lead vocalist. The producers to a hit television show or blockbuster movie. At Sycamore, we like to think of our programmers as our true unsung heroes.


To clarify, Sycamore more than appreciates the outstanding work our programmers do, but their work often often goes unnoticed to the public. They do not interact with Sycamore users as much as other departments, therefore, they do not always get the recognition they deserve. We feel now is as good of time as any to let everyone know about the hard work and amount of time our development team puts in to make Sycamore the school management system it is today.


So what exactly does our development team do? First and foremost, they code. If it wasn’t for our coders, Sycamore would have a difficult time operating. The development team is in charge of coding for various software, apps, and websites. In other words, our coders are the means for which our system functions. Without our coders, the Sycamore system would all but cease to exist.


What else does the Sycamore development team excel at, you ask? One thing is for sure, they are great at squashing bugs. No, not those kind of bugs. If there is a glitch in the system of sorts, and a feature/tool isn’t operating as it should, our programmers swoop in to fix what is known as a bug. Our support team does a great job of relaying the requests from customers for bugs to be fixed, but it is the programmers themselves that delve into the system to operate and correct the bug.


Thanks to our creative Sycamore users, we are always looking for ways to build new features and tools to appease customer feedback. Who’s in charge of testing new features to enhance the system? You got it…the development team! Development works with our quality assurance crew to test out new features that make Sycamore more accessible and convenient. The goal is to keep Sycamore users as content with our system as possible, and adding new features and tools is a way to continue to make sure our users are happy and our approval rating remains elevated.


When our development staff is not busy coding, squashing bugs, and designing and testing new features and tools, they are doing everything in their power to make Sycamore a better place. They are smart, dedicated, and hard-working individuals who supply the backbone for Sycamore’s school management system. They may not be at the frontlines at conferences or conventions, but we know they are constantly working their magic on the keyboards to keep Sycamore running as smoothly as possible. Hopefully, everyone else knows that now, as well.

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