Integration Partners

Sycamore is a different kind of company. We truly listen to feedback from our clients. In response to this feedback, we’ve pursued partnerships with several outstanding companies. This has allowed Sycamore’s developers to design integrations and interfaces which greatly enhance the overall functionality of our online school management and student information system.


Here’s the best part: it doesn’t cost our clients a dime. We don’t break up our system into modules, and then charge extra for certain features or functionality. Anytime we upgrade, enhance, or add to the system, you’ll benefit from these changes automatically, and at absolutely no extra charge.



Google Apps for Education schools can utilize Sycamore Education’s integration with Google Drive, Google Mail, Google Calendar, and Google Books.


QuickBooksQuick Books

Sycamore Education allows clients to keep track of accounts receivable within the system and export this data into QuickBooks. Click here to find out more about how QuickBooks can help your school.


Sycamore Education’s partnership with Clever allows schools to securely sync data with educational applications utilized in the classroom.

 SmartTuitionLogoSmart Tuition

Through the partnership with Smart Tuition, Sycamore is able to offer parents the ability to make online payments using a variety of payment methods. This also allows parents to utilize Smart Tuition’s single sign-on process.


Sycamore Education’s integration with PayJunction allows clients to affordably process credit cards and EFT (e-check) transactions. Schools can easily take donations online, easily process payments for tuition, allow parents to make payments for all accounts online, and much more.


Sycamore Education partners with Twilio to offer schools enhanced communication features, such as voice and text messaging services. More information about Twilio can be found here.


Sycamore Education provides an integrated interface with PayPal to make it easy and secure for our clients to collect payments for tuition, merchandise, auctions, donations – there’s really no limit. Click here to find out more about how PayPal is helping to improve education.


Sycamore Education provides a seamless interface with FACTS, which is the leading tuition management program in the nation. Click here to learn more about FACTS.


Sycamore Education offers a smooth interface with MailChimp, which is an industry-leading mail service with robust automations and helpful workflow features. Click here to learn more about MailChimp.