Meet Roncalli Catholic High School: A Sycamore Education Customer

Meet Roncalli Catholic High School: A Sycamore Education Customer

Since its opening in 1964, Roncalli Catholic High School has been inspiring their students to reach their full potential through teaching wisdom, courage and faith to students grades nine through 12.


Roncalli’s mission goes beyond the fundamentals of an average classroom. The community/ small town feel behind the school is what makes it special, according to Dania Freudenburg, Principal at Roncalli.


“It’s like a small town mentality with our alumni, current families, and the businesses that help support us,” said Freudenburg. “It’s like a big family.”


Sycamore Education helps streamline school processes


Sycamore Education is proud to be a part of the powerhouse that keeps Roncalli up and running. Since 2008, Sycamore Education has provided a great suite of products for Roncalli to utilize during their day-to-day operations.


Roncalli uses Sycamore for many things, including: managing their student and staff information, their demerit system, admissions processes, and communication with parents.


“You can use it as a source as a parent, an employee or a student,” said Kelly Bosn, parent at Roncalli. “It’s a data base, a communication tool– it’s truly an all-in-one package.”


Recently, we sat down with a parent, a teacher and a few administrators that use Sycamore Education’s platform on a daily basis, and asked them about Sycamore’s role in their school’s administration processes.



Using Sycamore as a parent


Bosn explained that the weekly grade updates that Sycamore’s platform provides have been great for parent-teacher communication.


“I know that Sycamore is unique in their pass-a-note feature,” said Bosn. “The instant messaging app allows students, parents and teachers to communicate more effectively. Also, the fact that these things are already integrated, and not an add-on feature, is very convenient.”


Vice Principal TJ Orr added that Sycamore helps parents feel like they are a big part of the education process.


“Sycamore’s communication features let’s us talk to parents easily, and gives parents constant access to see how their student is doing,” said Orr. “It’s also competitively priced, and it covers all of our needs, so we’ve never had to look to other sources.”



Using Sycamore as an teacher


Teachers use Sycamore’s platform every hour of the school day. At Roncalli, teachers use the platform to take attendance, communicate with students and parents, and to grade and upload assignments.


“I student taught for OPS and they used Infinite Campus,” said Marshall Keough, Music Teacher at Roncalli. “It was an endless amount of clicking to get anywhere. My favorite part about Sycamore is that you can get to anywhere you want relatively quickly on the app.”



Using Sycamore as an administrator


Orr explained that Sycamore’s platform allows him to see a student’s academic standing in real time, which helps him communicate with students in a more personalized way.


“I can see if a student is missing assignments, which sometimes shocks students,” said Orr. “With a school of 395 kids, Sycamore helps us really get to know each student individually.”


Freudenburg added that Roncalli’s administration faculty is also able to monitor teacher processes with ease, thanks to the platform.


“We can monitor parent emails or when grades are distributed, which makes it a lot more organized,” said Freudenburg.


One of the best things about using Sycamore Education, according to Kami Findall, IT Director at Roncalli, is the attitude of the staff behind the platform.


“They’re constantly learning and evolving,” said Findall. “They’re constantly staying with the times and adding enhancements based on what our parents and staff need.”


Do you want to learn more about using Sycamore Education’s platform in your school? Schedule a demo today by contacting the Sales department at (866) 757-4968 ext. 501.

What makes Roncalli special?

Roncalli Catholic High School is truly unique when it comes to their vision and mission. One of the best things about Roncalli is that they take time to focus on one-on-one interaction between teachers and students.


“Teachers look at students individually and really get to know those kids,” said Bosn.
The community at Roncalli also believes in giving back to the community around them. Whether they are Christmas caroling in hospitals, or their yearly service retreats where they go to another parish or nonprofit organization, Roncalli loves to give back to its local community.


“The school would not exist if it wasn’t supported by people on the outside, so it’s definitely important to reciprocate,” said Keough.


Athletics at Roncalli

Unlike many schools, Roncalli uses their athletic programs to show students how great it can be to try new things. Rather than harshly focusing on their competition, Roncalli chooses to embrace and explore the lessons learned while being a part of a team.


“Kids don’t get lost in other people’s shadows because they are creating their own,” said Orr.


The opportunity to be involved in whatever activities a student wants to do is also a huge reason why Bosn picked Roncalli for her children.


“They can do whatever activity they want to without being classified as a drama kid, smart kid or a jock,” said Bosn. “There is a wide mix of kids with multiple talents.”


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