PayJunction Provides Integral Financial Services for Sycamore

PayJunction Provides Integral Financial Services for Sycamore

Here at Sycamore, one of our trademark sayings is that we are an all-inclusive school management system, meaning we don’t nickel and dime schools for extra modules and features. With one monthly price, schools have access to our school management system in its entirety.


Of course, we can’t do it all on our own. We learned early on that if we want to provide schools with the best features/tools available, then we had to partner with first-rate companies to truly offer a compatible system.


One of Sycamore’s most significant partnering companies is PayJunction. The goal of PayJunction is to make payment processing easier, more secure, and more effective. Sycamore has a variety of financial services that would not be possible without PayJunction’s services.


Sycamore’s integration with PayJunction ensures the simplicity for schools to take donations online, process payments for tuition, allow parents to make payments for all accounts online, and much more.


What’s also beneficial for family payments is they will be credited to the family’s account immediately, and deposited directly into the school’s bank account. That way, there is no delay or waiting period for the financial information to be processed.


Schools also have the convenience of checking the list of online payments that have been created under Financial | Accounting Mgr. | Services | PayJunction in the Sycamore school site. With PayJunction’s organized structure, the list of payments will show the month and year of specific online payments that have been created. In addition, created invoices can also be displayed for any particular month and year.


Sycamore could not be more pleased to have a company as reputable as PayJunction be a fundamental part of the financial features we offer. PayJunction is reliable, secure, and works diligently every day to guarantee the appropriate payments are processed in a straightforward manner. Sycamore looks forward to continuing our partnership with PayJunction, and providing financial services to schools with the credibility and dependability that PayJunction has implemented over the last 15+ years.


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