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New Improved Seating Chart

Sycamore Education's online school management software already included a nifty seating chart integrated into every classroom homepage. Now it's even better. Many of the enhancements that take place in our school management system are the direct result of feedback received from teachers and... Read More

Sycamore Uses Open Source – and That’s a Great Thing!

Sycamore Education's school management software utilizes open source code, and that's a great thing. But what exactly is open source, and why should you care? A couple examples: Microsoft Office is closed source. It's developed by a single entity with a limited number of paid developers, and only... Read More

Coming Soon: Electronic Signature

Sycamore Education's school management software will soon allow administrators the option of having parents sign for report cards electronically. No more printing hard copies, sending them home with students (or through the mail), and then trying to get them all signed and returned. Utilitzing... Read More

Enhanced Daycare Manager

Sycamore has added even more functionality to their school management software. Sycamore's Childcare Manager simplifies and streamlines all aspects of managing a school's daycare program. Now users have more flexibility when it comes to setting up recurring charges for families with kids in daycare. Read More

New Integrated Payment Options with PayJunction

Sycamore Education is so much more than just an online student information system. We offer over 300 completely integrated features, and the list keeps growing. Our clients asked for this feature, and it's here: Sycamore Education now offers integrated payments through PayJunction, a well-respected. Read More

Improved Health Manager

Sycamore Education's school management software includes over 300 integrated features. And we keep adding more. Sycamore offers an excellent Health Manager, also called "Nurse's Office," where schools can keep track of all of their students' health-related issues. Users (with proper permissions)... Read More