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2014: Year in Review

2014 has been a great year at Sycamore Education ! We have released many exciting new enhancements and additions to our student information system as we continue to be a leader in the industry, raising the bar in providing schools with a leading edge system coupled with great customer service. We... Read More

Sycamore Offering Competition Based on API

This fall, Sycamore is sponsoring a programming contest with a cash prize that is focused around their newly released public API. Sycamore Education released the first version of their public API this summer to software developers. The API allows programmers to get access to data stored within... Read More

Leaving Java Behind

We’re happy to announce that we’re discontinuing use of our Java applet and adopting a new, cutting edge technology to enhance Sycamore School’s real time communication. The Java applet in Sycamore has lived in the upper right hand corner of our system and was responsible for allowing instant. Read More

Sycamore Releases Wave of Enhancements

Welcome back to school! Just as many teachers and administrators have been busy preparing for the 2014-2015 school year, we’ve been busy adding even more value to our cloud-based student information system . Gradebook Tools : Teachers in Sycamore Education now have the ability to designate which.. Read More

Sycamore Education Releases Public API

Sycamore Education, the provider of a web-based student information system , now offers an API which allows information to be shared securely from within Sycamore to third party developers. An API, or application programming interface, enables applications to share data and content with one another. Read More

Parent Engagement Index: A New Tool for Schools

In the 1980’s (and earlier) much research was done to measure the effectiveness of parent engagement and it’s impact on a students’ education. Joyce Epstein, Karen L. Mapp, and Anne T. Henderson all played vital roles in the research that came to the following conclusion: parents who were more Read More

BLiP’s Provide New Notification System

Hear that? It’s not a speeding bullet, or even Superman, but it could be Sycamore’s latest feature: the BLiP. For a long time, we’ve used Pass-A-Notes as a tool to notify users of a completed task including the completion of a queued batch e-mail, a heads up about a disciplinary issue, or our. Read More

Sycamore Leaf Solutions Announces Scholarships

Sycamore Leaf Solutions, provider of web-based school management solutions leader, Sycamore Education, is offering their first annual student scholarship. The scholarship is offered to high school seniors that attend a school that is a current Sycamore Education customer and is open to Sycamore... Read More

Volunteer Online with Sycamore Education

In 2013, Sycamore Education introduced one of our most popular features to date: a Parent/Teacher Conference Scheduler. The scheduler was met with rave reviews but it also initiated some creative thinking by our customers. What other processes have always been done via paper sign-up that could also. Read More

New and Improved Admissions

It's the season for giving and we want to give our schools the biggest item on some of their lists: a new admissions portal! Sycamore Education has offered admissions as part of the student management system it provides to schools for the last several years, however, schools are beta testing a new.. Read More