Sycamore’s Staff App Provides Accessibility, Convenience to Teachers

Sycamore’s Staff App Provides Accessibility, Convenience to Teachers

Earlier this school year, Sycamore School increased its mobility with the Family and Student apps. These apps provided families and students with a user-friendly interface to access and gather information on grades, news, cafeteria menu, classes, etc.. The response and feedback has been greatly received, and now, the wait is over, as the Sycamore Staff App has officially been released!


Available for download through Google and Apple mobile marketplaces, the app gives teachers the accessibility to view school, grade, and class information on-the-go. If teachers are on vacation, at a conference, at home with an illness, etc., the app still gives them the ability to navigate though their classrooms and update data as necessary.


Just like the Family and Student apps, the Staff App has two separate tabs for “School” and “Personal.” The School tab includes everything from: news articles, calendar events, cafeteria menu, family directory, etc. These features allow teachers to keep in touch with school information at the convenience of their mobile device. In a matter of seconds, teachers can view when the holiday party is from the event calendar, as well as look up a family’s address in the family directory.


The Personal tab is where teachers will find their class information. They can take attendance, submit classroom lunch orders, generate lesson plans, and create/grade assignments. By giving teachers direct access to these classroom features, they can retrieve important classroom information and data instantaneously. Pass-A-Notes (PANs) are also readily available, which provide teachers with a reliable communicative outlet to stay up-to-date on any PANs that need to be sent or received.


Few operate in the Sycamore system more than teachers. Because the app is such an essential component, Sycamore took the time to carefully create and develop the app to the appeasement of all teachers. It is Sycamore’s hope that with every Staff App download, this allows teachers to feel that more comfortable with the accessibility and convenience of Sycamore’s school management system.

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